Mother Louise Jones, Servant Leader

The Mothers of St. John are Godly women who are willing to serve the Master and His cause.  Here are just a few of the services they provide:


        Pray for others, as well as with them

        Help those in need by providing meals  

        Provide motherly counsel and support to the membership when    requested.

        Visit the sick and shut-in

        Make phone calls for those who are unable to do so

        Send get well cards

        Visit bereaved families and provide meals for them

        Speak to all about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Our goal is to live our lives so that  people may see the light of Jesus and be obedient to the Father. Just as God has prepared us throughout our lives, our mission is to help prepare others, in whatever way God deems necessary, in the various avenues of their lives. Whether it’s through a kind word, deed, or prayer, we must be willing to do God’s work.