Verma Simmons, Servant Leader
Grief Ministry Mission Statement
To provide care, comfort and support to individuals who are hurting from the loss of a loved one.  This ministry assists the bereaved through the grief process in a healthy and loving environment.
What is Grief?
Grief is a combination of sorrow, strong emotion, and the confusion that comes from losing someone important to you. You mourn the loss of the person and you also mourn for yourself.
What Is Bereavement?
Bereavement is the process of grieving. This process is different for each person. The time that it takes to progress through bereavement is unique to every individual.
Stages of Grief
The stages of grief does not proceed according to a chronological order, but is often circular or repetitive. It is not continuous, but it is recurring. The stages of grief are:
Myths About Grief
  • All people grieve the same way
  • It takes two months to get over your grief
  • Your grief will decline over time without any upsurges
  • When grief is resolved, it never comes up again
  • It's not OK to feel sorry for yourself
  • There is no reason to be angry at your deceased loved one
  • Grief is the same after all types of death
  • Men and women grieve in the same ways
Once your loved one has deceased, it is better not to focus on him or her, but to put him or her in the past and go on with your life.
These and other myths can make the bereavement process more painful and difficult by creating unrealistic expectations for recovery.