Marcia Chandler & Dora Woods, Servant Leaders
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VBS 2016 - June 13-17,2016 6pm-8pm
THEME: The Ultimate Climb: Hiking Up to Meet God!
SCRIPTURE: Present yourself to me there on top of the mountain. Exodus 34:2b

Overview reprinted from Sunday School Publishing Board Vacation Bible School webpage


God desires to have a close and intimate relationship with each of us. Throughout the Old Testament, we hear and see God meeting people on the top of mountains for unforgettable experiences. The notion of being on a mountain continues to be symbolic of being close to God and those who met with God on top of a mountain were thought to be in close fellowship with God. God revealed Himself and various aspects of His character on the mountaintop, and today we still hear of people having their own mountaintop experiences.

Hiking can be physically and emotionally rigorous but is also deeply transformative—as one experiences both the beauty of God’s creation and the beauty of God Himself. This year, we will hike up five biblical mountaintops to meet God, drawing closer to Him as we encounter Him anew through Scripture. Once at the top, the experience of climbing and communing with God will teach us about ourselves and God’s character. Learning some of the attributes of God deepen our trust in the God of all creation who reveals Himself to us, invites us into covenant relationship, matures our faith, and sends us out to serve.

As a result of experiencing these lessons, participants will do the following:

  • Learn that our mountaintop experiences are meant to transform us
  • Learn that we are called to go back down the mountain to serve
  • So this week, let’s pack our gear and hike up a few mountains of the Bible!